Live-streaming platform
Crowdfund your event and invite your fans to enjoy show and meet each other
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How It Works
Create an event
When an event is created, the artist can set his event page with a funding goal and share this page with his fans and followers.
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Share and crowdfund
Fans and followers can fund an event with Stream Dream Tokens as well as use them at the event to interract with other guests and the artist directly.
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Invite sponsors
Sponsors tickets can be a little more expensive than the regular ticket prices. It gives a sponsor a special place to promote their services and products during an event and on the event page.
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Stream an event
Artists can stream an event through their favorite streaming software using provided streaming key. Guests spend Stream Dream Tokens for activities: customizing appearance, buying gifts, and tipping the streamer
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Get paid
Artists can exchange collected Stream Dream tokens for fiat or crypto money after an event, use them to support other artists' events or fund their own events.
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Stream Dream tokens
Stream Dreams is a virtual token to buy tickets, fund events, and perform activities during the stream