Our Story
Stream Dream started with a group of friends who felt the need for a better live streaming experience.

When coved 19 hit the planet in March 2020 the world in lockdown went online. So the need for a better streaming experience was obvious to us.
The man behind the idea was Alisher- an artist, a DJ, a user experience designer, and a community activist. His first reaction to the global lockdown was to start entertaining people online and help uplift and cheer up his friends and followers. So together with his friends he did.

We started organizing live streaming events - parties, dinners, and birthdays. We ran a charity marathon where we tried to support our local artists. We incorporated video chat and donations so our friends could connect and support one another.
We tested our prototype with a ten-hour DJ marathon that ran every week for 3 weeks and our local, who's gigs were canceled, could perform and get donations. We tried to host a dinner party where our friend's cafe prepared and delivered meals to our friends and we sat down to a meal all together. After dinner, we had a live performance and dance party.
We incorporated ecstatic dancers with a DJ set and streamed it to a birthday party where guests decorated their rooms and celebrated together.

Travel talk show

We were doing our best to connect artists and get the best audio and video signal and stream it from our sight adding overpays like chat, donations alerts, and visuals. And learned best practices to incorporate it.

We've invited guests to the platform and started adding their own little things to the party. Thanks to our users we learned Snapchat filters and masks and also saw many ceilings.
Contact us with any convenient way. We are always opened for new ideas and big deeds.

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